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Preserve old fileserver names when migrating to new environment


One issue in greater enterprises when you migrate fileshares is that the names should be kept alive. This is because you do not always know who uses which UNC path. When you reorganize your file servers, consolidate them to new systems up to windows 2003 the cluster was the solution. You could move multiple smaller disks from different servers to a single cluster resource group and create the old server names als virtual servers in the cluster group. this way the old UNC paths could stay alive.

But when going to Server 2008 / 2012 it is not possible to use multiple virtual server names in one disk group. You could create a separate disk for each virtual server name. But each of that disk would need its own free disk space, maybe resources in the backup environment (depending on your backup strategy) , and, and, and….

A different approach is to the DFS consolidation root to keep old UNC paths alive. This is a special function available since w2k3 in DFS:

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