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functions that process pipeline parameters


if a function should process parameters from the pipeline then it has to check if the parameter was passed as a single argument or as an array of arguments (from the pipeline). If it is a pipeline “input” the function has to enumerate the separate items:

Function Do-Something {
 # cmdlet binding let the function act like a cmdlet, 
 # so it can accept the parameters from the 
 # commandline, fill automatically unnamed parameters to
 # positional arguments

        $script:i = 0
        <# using the scope "script"otherwise the variable would be only 
        available local in this block
        this is the place where big functions can clear or rename logfiles
        initialize counters for all parameter on the input #>

    <# functions that are called only in the process block
       not visible on the outside #>
    function DoTheJobOnSingleItem {
        param( $SingleItem)

        "run $($script:i) input $SingleItem" | write-host

    # check if we have a pipeline parameter, if so process them one by one
    if ($PSBoundParameters.ContainsKey('paramCanComeFromPipeline')) {
        foreach($SingleItem in $paramCanComeFromPipeline) {
            DoTheJobOnSingleItem –SingleItem $SingleItem
    } else {
        #only a single parameter was given using the -parametername
        DoTheJobOnSingleItem –SingleItem $paramCanComeFromPipeline

END { #section where to write summaries and statistics



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