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Exchange 2010 SP1 retention is not deleting expired mails when using MoveToDeletedItems


With SP1 Microsoft implemented a new feature in retention policy tags . The retention action “move to deleted items” is no longer functional. If there are old, pre SP1  retention policy tags using this action, the mails will not be deleted.They are ignored without a warning.

You have to use the “deleteAndAllowRecovery” retention action. Otherwise your mailbox will grow and grow.

From my personal point of view that was not the best idea MS had. The users do not trust in retention automatic functionality. So they want an easy way to look at the mails that have been deleted until they get convinced that the retention is acting properly. The deleted items folders is more familiar to the users because the search mechanics of the standard mailbox folders can be used here. Searching mails in the recoverable items is much more uncomfortable.

What you have to do is something like:

get-retentionpolicytag | ?{$_.retentionaction -eq “moveToDeletedItems”} | set-retentionpolicytag -action “deleteAndAllowRecovery”


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