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Speed up for big file reading


That helps parsing logs with power shell:

“You can dramatically speed up reading large text files by adding the parameter -ReadCount 0 to Get-Content”

You have to set read-count to 0 .

What I didn’t find till now: The default is ???. I’ve not done some testing by my self but everything should be faster than the default ;-)


done some testing. Powershell itself helps here with the measure-command cmdlet which keeps track of the execution time for an expression. With a 30 mb text file a one time test shows a factor of 10:

PS C:\> Measure-Command -Expression {$a=get-content C:\_allUserAccounts.txt}

TotalSeconds      : 4,5549688
TotalMilliseconds : 4554,9688

PS C:\> Measure-Command -Expression {$a=get-content C:\_allUserAccounts.txt -ReadCount 0}

TotalSeconds      : 0,4323658
TotalMilliseconds : 432,3658

That is not bad. but what happens if the files get bigger . Here a 120 mb text file test. It shows that there seem to be internal differences. The first invocation , looking at the task manager,  blows up the memory usage of the powershell process to 1.5 gig, whereas the second invocation with “read-count 0” only consumes around 360 mb of memory. The factor of execution time changes to 1:16. The bigger the file, the more profit you get by using read-count parameter:

PS C:\> Measure-Command -Expression {$a=get-content "C:\AUTN\out\20110406-TEST_P.txt"}
TotalSeconds      : 54,0904235
TotalMilliseconds : 54090,4235

PS C:\> Measure-Command -Expression {$a=get-content "C:\AUTN\out\20110406-TEST_P.txt" -readcount 0}
TotalSeconds      : 3,3633212
TotalMilliseconds : 3363,3212

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