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Open Workbench Logic Sniffer


My board from Seedo arrived just has they promised it but I had no time to set it to work until this weekend.

I started with the 0.8 version of the client application. The version I downloaded did not have a JRE directory included. I used the installed version on my machine.

First start showed a nasty runtime error “Error while invoking application:null”. The FAQ on the sump page pointed to the resolution:

What does the message “NoClassDefFoundError: gnu/io/CommPortIdentifier” mean?
The RXTX library is not installed correctly. Ready to use binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac are available here. The included INSTALL file describes which file goes where on which platform.

To find the installation directory of java, do a set j on the commandline.

C:\test>set j

The needed files:

RXTXcomm.jar goes in %JRE_HOME%\jre\lib\ext (under java)
rxtxSerial.dll goes in %JRE_HOME%\jre\bin

After this change there were no more errors in the client. When I connected the board I could find a matching USB driver. I had to download an older version from gadget factory where the inf file and the driver is located in the archive.

On the gadget factory page I found also the new version 2.1 of the java client and an update of the OLS firmware. Luckily my board had a bootloader implemented so the updated worked with minor problems. The only issue was that I had to process the step for the FPGA_ROM update manual because the batch has an error in addressing the correct directories in windows.

The update instructions on the webpage were very helpful.

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