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Because all tries on the software side didn’t work it must hae been a hardware error which I produced. I checked all the cables a gain and found that the connection for Vcc to target device was not properly working. I checked twice that all cables were in the right place, making the correct connection but I didn’t check that all this connections where working properly with a multimeter. That laziness costed me areal bunch of time.

Now that it is fixed I use AVRDUDE version 5.10 from WINAVR and Burn-O-Matik gives me a nice GUI.


1) get arduino version 0018

2) compile and upload ArduinoISP found in the examples

3) connect the target device as shown in the tutorial for arduinoISP on the arduino page

4) check the connections, use a multimeter

5) copy avrdude.exe + avrdude.conf from the newest installation package of WINAR into a separate directory, other files not needed here

6) get AVR8-burn-o-mat and install it

7) configure AVR8-burn-o-mat

  • path to avrdude
  • path to avrdude.conf
  • programmer model avrisp
  • extra parameter -b 19200 (important: lowercase b) or -b 19200 -v -v -v -v if you want to see what is going on
  • set the correct comport

That’s it and it works like a charm. Now I can flash the meg8 for the next gadget USBasp. After that new programmer is functional, the arduino will be available for other tasks.

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