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Arduino as ISP



The last days my serial programmer stoped working, just when I was going to programm a mega8 that should be the heart of  a new USBisp programming device.  This cause a bad situation. I needed to program the mega 8 to get a working programmer. After some tries of fixing the serial programmer issue without luck remembered that I read sometime ago about making a ISP programmer using an Arduino board. Because I got a Arduino Duemilanove as a present, I thought that would be a good idea to use it to pull me out of this.

I used WINAVR and Amtel AVr Studio and PonyProg before. I had to find out what new tools I would need.

An Arduino software that would make the Duemilanove an ISP programmer

A programming software that allows to use the Arduino as a programmer

For the first I found that starting with  version 0018  the Arduino development software contains the mega-isp in the examples directory. Its name there is ArduinoISP. This was a great discovery after surfing several websites.

The second is a challange ecause I used formerly PonyProg or a JTAG debugger which is functional with devices that have a mathcing interface (like mega16, mega32). What I found out fast is that AVRDUDE seems to be the solution. But I spend a long time to find a windows binary distribution of the linux based project. The solution is that there is allways a current, compiled version in the WinAVR packet. I didn’t knew that because although having WinAVR installted and using it as C-compiler, I always run Amtels WinAVR Studio as a IDE and flashed the devices with an external exe. But AVRDUDE is the tool for the future that will also supports the USBisp interface I’m going to build finaly.

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